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UK-born me first took to the stage in a purposefully comedic capacity in 2013 while living in Shanghai, China. Within 6 months of starting out, he'd won the AudioGo Best New UK Comic Award.

Since then, he (me) has performed across Asia and the UK as a feature act and headliner. In 2016 he took his first hour to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Adam (I) recently moved to Los Angeles, where he also writes, podcasts and assimilates into the local culture.


Cats on planes, dogs in clothing

Achille's heel

Entente cordiale


Best Laid Plans

In which I chat with entrepreneurs about their experiences setting up and running their businesses.


I played a magical elf in this Dungeons & Dragons podcast until I was sucked hard into the void in episode 32. Spoiler.

Let's Talk About Greg

I occassionally appear on this hilarious podcast hosted by funnyman Kurt Dunsing.

Nude Webcam

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